Project Overview

The Lifestyle Healthcare Group philosophy is to treat patients with disease rather than a disease with a patient attached. Our patient centered care approach led us to develop a comprehensive medical neighborhood that provides superb medical treatment readily accessible to our patient.  The associates that we hire have to meet our high standards and be of a certain caliber.  The right people providing the right service results in reduced time and cost.  

Our main objective is to improve efficiency in the delivery of healthcare. We expect to accomplish this by developing a clinically integrated care management and care coordination platform. This allows our physicians to have access to total patient health information through a longitudinal patient health record.

Our IPA (Independent Practice Association) will include primary care physicians and multi-specialty group practices. Our goal is to achieve NCQA (National Committee on Quality Assurance) recognition for Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Patient Centered Specialty Practices (PCSP). We will be different from any other IPA since we will also have a comprehensive healthcare which delivers the highest quality care at one location.

Highlights of our Model

Lifestyle Healthcare Group plans to have a centralized registration, eligibility verification, new patient forms (demographic and clinical gathering) – at present, patients and front desk staff spend more time performing these activities rather than actual value added patient care. Our technology platform allows us automate these processes.

Centralized Open Schedule Format – our IPA physicians and Lifestyle facilities will open up their schedules to create immediate scheduling.

Clinical Care Documentation across all of the physicians’ offices and our facilities via integrated bus technology is being developed to ensure complete clinical integration.

Most healthcare leaders believe that fee-for-service will eventually be replaced by value based medicine which includes new payment structures to enhance accountability via risk sharing and shared savings models.

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Our business intelligence platform allows us to perform advanced analytics on Population Health Management, Care Management, Utilization Management and Risk Management.

The Lifestyle Healthcare design allows us to become an ACO, as we are creating new service bundles that allow us to take risk and participate in shared savings.

Our LEED certified facility provides easy access to care in a secure HIPPA compliant location with full energy automation.